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Location Based Apps

Location Based Apps

Location-based mobile app development increasingly adopted by small and medium businesses (SMBs).

E-commerce Apps

E-commerce Apps

Provide e-commerce mobile app design & development services that leverages functionality of Apple’s iPhone devices.

Mobile CRMs

Mobile CRMs

iPhone app solutions to manage coordination between field team and customer service operations.

AR Guides

AR Guides

Immersive apps combining thrill of virtual reality, mixed with augmented reality features in gaming and travel.


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From App Ideation to Market Research and Analysis of Problems and Requirements.READ MORE »

iPhone App Design Strategy

UX/UI Design Plan a Design Strategy That is in Sync with the User Demographic and Has a Low learning Time CurveREAD MORE »


Frontend and Backend of App Development begins from the Scratch for the Millions of iPhoneand iPad Users.READ MORE »

iPhone Quality Assurance

Making of a worksheet of what works in the app and what needs to be changed according to the MVP.READ MORE »

Creative & Inovation

Our goal is driven by design to help brands connect on a human level. We specialize in deploying creatively branded, outstanding WebSites, incredible APPs, online advertising and media campaigns.





iPhone App Development Company

Our iPhone app development services are backed by an amazingly talented team of iOS developers who are experts in working with Apple and Mac exclusive technologies. Our brilliant designer team is reputed in mobile app industry for designing outstanding UI designs with minimalist approach that is perfectly suited for iPhone devices.

With an industry experience of more than a decade in app development, we have a lengthy range of excellently crafted iOS apps in Apple App Store.

Who We Are

We at Jifftech are a three-time Deloitte award-winning iOS application development company INDIA, offering you customized iPhone application development & iPad application development services in New York NYC, Atlanta, New Jersey, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Chicago, California, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Dallas, Los Angeles & Bay Area. We are expertise in developing supreme-standard iOS Apps (iPhone & iPad applications) leveraging latest technologies and tools such as Xcode, Swift, Coca Touch Framework and C.

Why Jifftech and Its Services are Typical?

We have experienced iPhone and iPad application developers to develop any sort of iOS applications. Our iOS application development team develops you apps with high quality UI in a wide spectrum of iOS application development. By leveraging sought-after technologies, our iOS apps developers develop customized iOS applications with iOS SDK software development kit. We provide customized iOS app development services all over USA including NYC, Jacksonville, Miami, Austin, Belleville, Belvidere, Brownsville, Georgetown, Oakland, Palo Alto, Santa Monica, Nevada, Austin, Belleville, Belvidere, Cleveland, Henderson, Houston, San Francisco & San Antonio.

App Lifecycle Management Service

We provide end-to-end application management support throughout the app lifecycle from the idea conception to monitoring, that helps you achieve maximum possible throughput by avoiding the downtime.

iOS App Consulting Services

Our team of experts deeply analyze your project according to the market trends and mitigate your stress factors of new ideas or any business project ready to enter into a phase of the app development process.

iOS App Design

Our expert designers leverage the best practices in iOS app design principles to build intuitive user experiences that add value to the app development process and take the excellence to the next level.


Jifftech is a piece of innovation, you will love it!